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Now being tested on Swedish roads, the Scania hybrid truck with thin film solar panels mounted 60-foot trailer. (Photo supplied by Scania.)

Scania Tests Its First Solar-Powered Trucks, Sees The Technology To Grow

SCANIA recently began tests on a solar-powered truck, a 560-horsepower plug-in hybrid truck with 100 square meters of solar panels wrapping a trailer. This unique setup now being tested on public roads in Sweden is a result of a two-year research collaboration between Scania and industry and academic partners. The … [continued]

Images courtesy of E-Safiri

First Solar-Powered Battery Charging & Swapping Hub For Rural Mobility Launches In Kenya

The global transition to electric mobility is going to be a game-changer for the African continent, and especially for the people living and working in rural areas of the continent. These areas are severely underserved in terms of transport services for people and their goods. This severely hampers their development … [continued]

First Solar Buys Evolar

First Solar has been around for, well, what seems like forever. It was founded in 1999, well before the solar boom took off and solar power became big business. Back then, there were all kinds of claims about how little solar power could ever contribute to the electricity supply. It … [continued]

Riga Soon Getting Its First Solaris E-Buses

Rīgas Satiksme, a Latvian carrier, has made another advancement toward e-mobility. Soon, Riga’s bus fleet will welcome its first Solaris electric buses. The contract is for the delivery of 35 “Urbino 12” electric buses, with an option to add an additional 17 buses. The basic contract has a total value … [continued]