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Cleantech Weekly Roundup

Here’s an extremely lengthy end-of-week roundup of cleantech stories. To make scrolling through your interests more manageable, I’m splitting it up into a few pages based on topic.

Page 1 –>> Solar Energy
Page 2 –>> Wind Energy
Page 3 –>> Energy Efficiency & Energy Storage
Page 4 –>> Transportation
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Page 6 –>> Other Clean News & Commentary

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines — An Option for You?

Wind power is growing fast, as anyone here on CleanTechnica should know by now. It is exploding as its costs fall and the high costs of other power sources (i.e. coal and nuclear) are made more apparent and rise. And, this is all expected to continue in the years to come because wind power technologies are quickly being developed and improved, their fuel (wind) is expected to remain free indefinitely, and the costs of coal and nuclear are expected to continue rising.

Back to School

Three years ago, I was introduced to sustainability by Jonathan T. Scott, a teacher at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland. Ever since, I have been fascinated by the business facets of the subject: the waste minimization and cost reductions it incurs, the job creation benefits, and the minimization of environmental degradation. One of Scott’s contributions to the field of sustainability is the observance that almost everyone focuses on and discusses the symptoms of waste (resource depletion, environmental degradation, CO2 emissions, job loss, etc) rather than the causes, and that if you want to attract the attention of the business community you have to speak its language (e.g finance) and focus on the cost of the causes.

14 GW Energy Storage Market by 2020 in US Says EPRI

In Electricity Energy Storage Technology Options – A White Paper Primer on Applications, Costs and Benefits – a white paper by EPRI; the Electric Power Research Institute finds that if regions in need of energy storage can defer transmission investments by investing in energy storage instead, then it can pay to invest in storage instead, depending on the costs.

Why Big Solar is a Colossally Bad Idea (10 Reasons Decentralized Solar is Much Better)

Of late there has been much talk about moving towards a solar energy future. This is a positive development (albeit one that is almost too late) and has been driven, no doubt, by recent studies that have shown that solar and wind power are now amongst the cheapest forms of power generation, several critical breakthroughs in related fields, and big moves by some major players. However, it seems that a lot of money is being thrown at a particular type of solar power plant; massive centralized solar plants. It is my opinion that this is a massive mistake.