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3-D Zinc Sponge Could Wipe The Energy Storage Floor With Li-ion Batteries (CleanTechnica Interview)

A team of researchers from the Naval Research Laboratory is on to a new zinc-based alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The new research aims at enabling the Navy to expands its energy storage options. The new zinc battery could also makes its way into the EV market, providing manufacturers with a lighter, less expensive alternative to today’s crop of lithium-ion batteries.

Cleantech Billionaires

Michael Bloomberg (net worth on 5/13/17 — $48.8 billion) Michael Bloomberg cofounded his financial information and media company after spending … [continued]

Elon Musk’s Boring Machine & Electric Sled

Donald Trump woke up Friday morning and unleashed a tirade of Twitterized venom on James Comey. Elon Musk woke up Friday morning and shared a ton of information on Twitter and Instagram about his new tunnel-boring machine — codenamed Godot — and a video showing what it will be like to race through one of those tunnels at speeds up to 125 miles per hour aboard an electric sled. Which Twitter storm is likely to be more important to the future of mankind? You decide.

The Gaffoglio Electric Bus Shows That Buses Can Look Good Too

Electric buses are great and we’ve covered a few on CleanTechnica many times, including BYD’s maiden ride in California. But one thing electric buses share with other common public mass transportation buses is that, well, they are common looking. The Gaffoglio electric bus wants to change this. After all, if Apple gave us computer eye candy, why not make mass transit a little more aesthetic?

Why Electric Car Early Adopters Went Electric, + Best Things About Driving Electric

Last week, we published CleanTechnica’s new, 93-page electric car and driver report. For the report, we surveyed over 2,000 electric car drivers living in 28 countries (26 European countries, 49 of 50 US states, and 9 Canadian provinces). Generally speaking, we wanted to find out what early electric car adopters require and desire from their next electric cars and from EV charging networks, as well as what EV life is like so far for them.