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Earth Day — Say What?

  For those of us writing about the environment every day, Earth Day is a bit of a strange concept. Every day is Earth Day. That may sound cliche, but it really is like that for us (as I imagine it is for many of you readers). But while it’s … [continued]

Wind & Transport News (5 Stories)

And, wrapping up my wrap-ups for the week, here are a few wind energy stories and transportation stories we haven’t covered yet. Enjoy! Wind 1. First Wind gets go-ahead increase size of Oakfield Wind project in Aroostook County, Maine from 51 MW to 150 MW. The project will be able to create enough … [continued]

eCarLiveDrive 2011 – Test Drive a 155mph SuperBus!

The eCarTec fair in Munich this month addresses issues of energy, infrastructure, and finance, as related to electric vehicles and energy conservation technology. To get visitors in the door, the fair has announced eCarLiveDrive — a host of EVs to test drive on a 0.6 mile test course are part of the package, including a massive Dutch “superbus” prototype.