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NYC Sewage Gets A First-of-Its Kind Green Makeover

Glycerol is better known as a common ingredient in pharmaceuticals, foods, soaps and perfumes, but lately it’s been wandering off into strange new territory, popping up here and there as a green chemistry alternative to petrochemicals. In the latest development, glycerol (aka glycerin or glycerine) has been successfully deployed as … [continued]

eStorage — Improving Wind & Solar Energy Integration Into Electrical Grid

  A European consortium has been awarded a €13.3 million grant by the European Commission to push the development of cost-effective integration of renewables like wind into the electrical grid. The consortium, eStorage — made up of Alstom, the consortium leader; Elia, a transmission system operator; EDF, a generation company; Imperial College, … [continued]

Renewable Energy Sources

  Renewable energy, clean energy, green energy — all of these terms are becoming more and more common (good news for us here on CleanTechnica, since this is what we’re passionate about). I’m sure you are aware that wind energy and solar energy are renewable energy sources. But what else … [continued]