CO2 Capture and Technology of the Future

Today’s topic is inspired by Solar Today magazine. “Scrubbing Carbon from the Breeze” was written by Rona Fried, Ph.D., president of in the May/June 2008 issue. Unfortunately this particular article is not available online. As climate change become a more central issue for people and governments around the globe, … [continued]

Peak Coal as Early as 2025

With dwindling fossil fuel supplies, coal has been viewed as the energy source of last resort. This outlook is changing as estimated global coal supplies seem to have been severely inflated. Is coal’s future in doubt? Many experts are saying yes. Professor David Rutledge of CalTech believes that world coal … [continued]

Happy Earth Day to You!!!

Happy Earth Day to all! This Earth Day, let’s break it all down and see things for what they are. Our world is in a state of climate chaos as a result of our conveniences. This CleanTechnica blog provides an opportunity to see what is being done worldwide in the … [continued]

It's a Smog World After All!

Not long ago I was visiting my old hometown of Chicago, walking through the streets of Bucktown on my way to my favorite bar (Map Room) when I noticed a cool house on Milwaukee Avenue near Hoyne. This “cool” house had a garden and two wind turbines on the roof … [continued]