Green Gym Uses Human-Powered Energy

The opening of Portland’s The Green Microgym this week seems like a perfect complement to the announcement of M2E’s kinetic charger, which can generate energy from motion. Adam Boesel, The Green Microgym’s owner, doctored up spin bikes with weed whacker motors and truck alternators so that patrons can create energy … [continued]

Cyanobacteria: The Next Big Biofuel?

Could cyanobacteria eventually become a more popular biofuel than corn, sugarcane, or even algae? Quite possibly. According to Science Daily, cyanobacteria can convert up to 10 percent of the sun’s energy into biomass. This is a drastic improvement over the 1 percent rate of crops like corn and sugarcane, as … [continued]

Japan to Send their Ships Solar

  With the entire planet in a crazy attempt to make everything from transport to washing green, it comes as no real surprise to see another industry take up the challenge. And, as with a lot of things technological, Japan is leading the way. Japan’s biggest shipping company – Nippon … [continued]