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City of Steyr

Cascaded Geothermal Heating & Cooling Networks for Industry, Trade & Residential Buildings

The NEFI research project CASCADE is developing concepts for supplying two municipalities and two industrial enterprises in Austria with geothermal heat The cascaded use of geothermal heat creates valuable synergies, allowing entire regions to be supplied with locally available, renewable heat  The NEFI project CASCADE, which runs for the next … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALLE generated panoramic, cutaway image that illustrates a stalk of corn acting as a natural conveyor belt for carbon

CCS Redux: Soil Carbon Capture — Great Loamy Hope Or Bandaid?

Carbon capture and sequestration in all of its various ineffective, inefficient and expensive forms is having another run up the hype cycle. Nothing has really changed. The problems still exist. The alternatives are still better. The potential for use is still minuscule. And so, the CCS Redux series, republishing old … [continued]

A Toyota Prius. Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica.

Toyota Gets Roasted And An FTC Complaint From Public Citizen For Misleading Advertising

Toyota isn’t the most popular auto brand among EV fans. Ironically, many normal folk think Toyota is an EV leader because of its early leadership with the Prius and hybrids. Aside from being one of the most bearish automakers on this phase of the EV transition, though, Toyota takes it … [continued]