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Landfill Gas Heats Up Entire French Town

The French town of Plessis-Gassot got bragging rights to the biggest and most powerful landfill gas power plant in France earlier this week, when officials pulled the switch on the new 17.3 MW “Electr’od” cogeneration plant at the local landfill. Plessis-Gassot also became the first town in France to host enough … [continued]

Nuke Leader AREVA Adds Fuel To FCEV Fire

We’ve been having a lively debate about FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles) over here at CleanTechnica, but if the latest move by the global nuclear energy corporation AREVA is any indication, the point may already be moot: FCEVs are here to stay. AREVA has been dabbling in non-nuclear renewable energy … [continued]

Redox Power fuel cell courtesy of mtech.

New Redox Power Fuel Cell Gives Li-ion Batteries A Run For The Money

While lithium-ion batteries are current champs of the electric vehicle market, fuel cells are beginning to come on strong. If that trend continues it raises some intriguing future scenarios, namely, fuel cells could eventually squeeze out Li-ion batteries altogether, or both technologies could co-exist to some degree, engaging in a … [continued]