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Bicycling Renaissance Underway in U.S.

Jumping on bikes, gliding down streets, lobbying for more paths — more Americans are cruising bike paths, streets, and roads on two wheels. Between 1977 and 2009, the total number of annual bike trips more than tripled in the US. Meanwhile, bike sharing’s percentage of all bicycle trips rose from 0.6% to 1%. Twice as many people are biking to work in 2009 as in 2000. What of 2012? Where are we now? […]

4,000-MW New Mexico Solar Project Researched

If you look at the Arizona Governor’s Office of Energy Policy website there is an entry for a huge 4,000 MW solar power project, which is under investigation for potential development. It says the Navajo Hopi Land Commission (NHLCO), Navajo Nation received over $300,000 for the conducting of a feasibility study for the development of 4,000 MW of solar power in 22,000-acres of Paragon-Bisti lands in northwestern New Mexico […]

Riverside County Home Energy Renovation Program Yields Energy Bill Savings, Local Jobs, Carbon Emissions Reductions

Home clean energy project financing in Riverside County is surging higher with the launch of an innovative public-private PACE partnership, HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity). HERO is boosting job creation and the local economy, along with helping consumers cut energy costs and helping the state meet its GHG emissions reduction targets […]

On-Air Google+ Hangout on Presidential Candidates’ Energy & Environmental Policies

FYI, sister site sustainablog is hosting a weekly on-air Google+ Hangout in coordination with others from the Important Media network, other experts from around, and anyone else who joins in.

The first one is tomorrow (Thursday, September 13) at 4:00pm EST, and it will be covering a topic important to us all, the presidential candidates’ energy and environmental policies. Join in if you can! (Unfortunately, it’s not a great time for me, but I hope some folks from CleanTechnica will jump in there.) […]

Graph: German Wholesale Electricity Prices Down, Retail Prices Up

Last week, I published a post on the point that the retail price of electricity in Germany has risen at the same time that whole electricity prices have dropped. Basically, it utility profit margins in Germany have just gone up, and renewable energy has been used as a scapegoat for rising consumer energy prices.

One of our readers actually dropped a tremendously useful link in the comments, a link which included the graph below […]

Rebuttals to Paper Criticizing Thorium

The other day, I published a post on “Why Thorium Nuclear Isn’t Featured on CleanTechnica.” The key portion of the post was a paper on thorium nuclear power put out by Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. A reader dropped in two good rebuttals to that paper in the comments below my post, and they seem worthy of reposting here […]

Biofuels Backed by Secretary of the Navy

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus was recently a guest contributor for UT-San Diego. His piece is fascinating and includes a historical perspective on energy use by the Navy. One of his main arguments for increasing biofuel use in the Navy is the fluctuating and rising cost of imported oil. He says that, in 1994, the US consumed almost 18 million barrels of fuel each day. China and India combined consumed almost five million barrels a day at that time. However, today, those two hugely populated nations consume about 13 million barrels daily. The ever increasing global oil demand has pushed costs higher, and is likely to continue to do so […]

New Startup Essess Is Making a Mashup of Google Street View and Zillow, to Perform…

Billions of dollars of energy are wasted in the U.S. every year because of uncaulked air seal leaks in windows, walls, and doors. With nearly forty percent of the energy in the U.S. being used for the heating and cooling of buildings, any wide-scale improvement in the energy efficiency of buildings could have a potentially huge impact on the total energy used in the U.S. […]