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Arizona Wins America’s Next Top Algae Biofuel Research Facility… For Now

Arizona has just won a $15 million Department of Energy grant to establish the first ever national algae biofuel testbed in the US, which gives it at least temporary bragging rights to the #1 position as it jockeys with other states to establish the kind of algae-friendly cred that will attract new business into its borders. It’s going to have some stiff competition, though. Texas A&M University’s algae biofuel research program also recently got a huge infusion of federal cash, and a network of regional research centers is growing in Hawaii, California, Ohio and Georgia […]

Another Bad Week for Fracking

  It’s been another bad week for fracking. On top of previous studies, a new report has linked this controversial natural gas drilling method to earthquakes in Texas, and another new study has exposed water pollution risks in New York. Nevertheless, a group of federal legislators chose this week to release a letter lobbying … [continued]

Algae Biofuel Plays in Peoria

The algae biofuel company Solazyme has just opened its first commercial-scale algae biorefinery in Peoria, Illinois, and as the saying goes, if it plays in Peoria, it will play anywhere. Peoria is legendary as a test market for consumer products like Hellman’s (the mayo company) as well as tour rollouts … [continued]