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California’s First Commercial Solar Desalination Plant Offering Shares Through DPO

The company behind what will be California’s first commercial-scale solar desalination plant is issuing $10 million in preferred stock in the venture, through a state-registered direct public offering (DPO) in California. WaterFX Hydro I, Inc., doing business as HydroRevolution℠, a California subsidiary of WaterFX™, is offering the shares to finance … [continued]

FirstCarbon & Carbon Clear Announce Partnership To Serve Global Sustainability Needs

By Mark Chadwick and Tiffany Day Transparency is big business, and getting bigger. The push for transparency in corporate environmental practices and impacts is growing fast and, globally, driven by sustainability-minded investors, by consumers, by new purchasing priorities, and by legislation. As a result, companies around the world are dedicating more … [continued]

First Australian University Announces Carbon Divestment Plans

The University of Sydney in Australia has announced its intention to “substantially reduce” its carbon-related investments over the next three years, a first for Australian universities. The news comes after a long line of international educational institutions have made similar (though somewhat more concrete) fossil-fuel divestment announcements — the most recent … [continued]