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Kav's Harley and Marzi's Tesla Model 3. Photo by Kav Karooie.

“Electric Vehicles Are Gay”

Kav, call sign “Havok,” rides a Harley-Davidson. His wife drives a Tesla Model 3 LR. She also rides a Kawasaki Vulcan 650. When he told his biker mates that she was getting an electric vehicle, they said: “Electric vehicles are gay, mate!” We met for coffee this morning in the … [continued]

First Electric School Bus In NYC Is An EV Conversion & That’s A Big Deal!

Want An Electric Car? Do It Yourself

Australian culture encourages the vision of the bronzed, sporty Aussie male who can fix anything, build anything, without instructions, and while drinking a beer. Do It Yourself! I’m afraid I don’t really fit that mould, and most Australians don’t. It is a myth perpetuated by self-serving advertisers. So, it was … [continued]

Toyota — Dead Tech Walking?

David Waterworth with Dr Paul Wildman Due to the overwhelming and positive interest shown in our first article, we thought to do a second article as another take on the Toyota/Japanese car-manufacturing situation. Is Toyota not circling the drain, after all? Is Toyota dead tech walking? According to Statista, Toyota … [continued]

Indonesia President Widodo and Tesla CEO Elon Musk meet in Texas. Image courtesy of Indonesian Presidential Press Office.

Can Tesla Save Indonesia’s EV Ambitions?

According to multiple sources, Tesla’s Elon Musk is negotiating the setting up of production in Indonesia. Indonesia has massive nickel and some cobalt reserves, excess vehicle building capacity, and a great need to move forward in the rEVolution. It is the second largest vehicle producer in ASEA (behind Thailand), and … [continued]