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USPS OIG: Suitability of Rail Transportation Suggest It Is Time To Use Rail Once Again

Once upon a time, the United States Postal Service enjoyed a successful relationship with the nation’s railroads. The California State Railroad Museum Foundation reminds us of the once-speeding postal trains, rather than today’s trucks, where post office workers sorted letters during the trip. Moreover, they did so in “swaying cars filled with canvas … [continued]

2.7 Billion+ Trips Taken On Public Transportation In 2nd Quarter

US public transportation ridership increased yet again in the second quarter of 2014. A press release report released by the American Public Transportation Association showed urban mobility increasing to over 2.7 billion trips on US public transportation in the second quarter. Urban travelers are making commonsense choices for their pockets and the environment, … [continued]

Figure 7 from Environment California’s report, “Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution”

20 Cities Leading Rooftop Solar Revolution

Reviewing Environment California’s Report: “Shining Cities:  At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution” Originally published in the ECOreport. America’s solar capacity has tripled during the past two years. Rooftop solar has been in the van of this development. Environment California’s new report — “Shining Cities:  At the Forefront of America’s Solar … [continued]

Solar-Powered Prisons; CSP–Fossil Fuel Integration; EWEA 2013; Duties On China Wind Towers… (Cleantech & Climate…

  Other than our own stories, here’s some top cleantech, climate, and even fossil fuel news of the day: Solar Solar-Powered Prisons in California Represent Big Savings for Taxpayers: “Prisons are a necessary component of modern society, but even the most die-hard “get tough on crime” proponent doesn’t want to … [continued]