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Military Opposes GOP on Dirty Fuel Rule

By a defunding measure in the Defense Appropriations bill, our new Tea Party/GOP House has just repealed a provision in the 2007 energy bill that says federal agencies may not substitute alternative fuels that are worse for our environment than petroleum – and yes, there are worse ones: some fuels made from coal, for example, can actually emit twice the greenhouse gases of petroleum. The requirement, Section 526, was a response to Senator Inhofe’s amendment qualifying coal fuel as an “alternative fuel” back then.

EPA Submits Below-Average Plan to Cut its Own GHGs 25% by 2020

When it comes to passing laws to promote the switch to clean energy to prevent climate change, President Obama may have constitutionally limited powers, but one power he does have is the power to issue an executive order controlling the actions of all of our federal agencies – like the Departments of Defense, Energy, Justice, Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Landfills Can Free Us from Petrochemicals

The gigantic waste hauling company Waste Management has been transforming itself into something of a jolly green giant, given its recycling operations, landfill gas recovery and sewage-to-biofuel ventures. In its latest move, company signed an agreement with the research firm Genomatica to develop processes for converting municipal landfill gas to … [continued]