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Storm Brewing Over ARPA-E?

President Obama announced new federal funding goals for science, particularly the transformational energy research program ARPA-E, just as a a global swine flu pandemic was getting underway, so it’s little wonder that the news sank with barely a ripple.  Among those who did take notice, the Sierra Club stated that … [continued]

Energy Efficiency Could Save Us $168 Billion

[social_buttons] Energy efficiency initiatives that reduce electricity and gas usage could save consumers and businesses up to $168 billion, says the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The report comes on the heels of the Campaign for an Energy-Efficient America: a group of business leaders, industry groups, and environmental … [continued]

RITI Printer Uses Coffee Grounds for Ink

Coffee grounds are beginning to seem like quite the multi-purpose substance. First we heard about the possibility of grounds being used as biodiesel, and now we’ve received word that the world’s first printer to use coffee grounds for ink is a contestant in Core 77 and Inhabitat’s Greener Gadgets Design … [continued]