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Could PACE Get Help from the Energy Bill?

[social_buttons] It is really quite sad what Republicans have done to the Senate and what they are doing to the country and the world as a result. Even conservatives Dick Schmalensee, who served on President George H.W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, and Jonathan Kay are calling out their colleagues … [continued]

A Simple Solution for Wind Power Storage

If you’ve ever blown up a balloon and let it go flying across the room, you’ve got the basic idea behind a new technology for storing energy from wind power: use compressed air.  ARPA-E, the federal agency charged with providing seed money for transformative energy technology, is so impressed with … [continued]

Greentech Stategic "Investment" in a Plutocracy

In a plutocracy like America, the corporations with the most money to bribe the government get to dictate government policies. The five richest corporations in the world are the dirty energy companies: so they dictate energy policy in the US. We may find this distasteful, but there is little Americans … [continued]

John Deere Takes Hit for Support for Farming

Farming in many regions of the US is likely to be among the worst casualties of climate change over the next decades. So it is an obvious, ethical, sensible and responsible move that John Deere supports climate and energy legislation to reduce our use of climate-changing fossil fuels, through its … [continued]