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GM Sells Security

GM is in the business of selling vehicles. They also usually make them. Anticipating objections was the object of GM’s recent announcement of a “definitive agreement” with ABB, a back up power and energy storage company. For most an “Electric vehicle” means a battery car. Some question if electric vehicles are truly “clean.” GM wants us to imagine with confidence where batteries go when they “naturally die.”

New Jersey Pulling Out of RGGI? Not Yet, but Maybe.. (& Clear Reasons Why It…

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of the Republican party’s many two-faced liars (who says he is promoting renewable energy but is, in fact, doing everything he can to fight its growth), recently announced that he was pulling the state out of the Northeast’s climate change and clean energy cap-and-trade program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Well, it turns out, Governor Christie may not have the power to do so soon… but it’s going to be a close call.

Cleantech Weekly Roundup

Here’s an extremely lengthy end-of-week roundup of cleantech stories. To make scrolling through your interests more manageable, I’m splitting it up into a few pages based on topic.

Page 1 –>> Solar Energy
Page 2 –>> Wind Energy
Page 3 –>> Energy Efficiency & Energy Storage
Page 4 –>> Transportation
Page 5 –>> Politics
Page 6 –>> Other Clean News & Commentary

Solar Power Booming, Solar Stocks Sucking — What is Going On?

I’ve been seeing stuff here and there on solar stocks and controversial comments regarding solar or cleantech stocks. Now, I am not much of a stock market guy, so I’ve stayed out of the discussion, but a piece I read last night on MSNBC (which a loyal commenter also dropped in a comment this morning) really got my attention. Let’s start with the seemingly nonsensical issue…

Cleantech Weekly Roundup

Some more great cleantech stories from the week that we haven’t yet covered. This week, I decided to just organize them by topic (note, of course, that some topics overlap — in such cases, I put a little note about which other categories each article could be filed under after titles for those of you only interested in a particular topic). Check out these other interesting cleantech stories …