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Responding to a Trillion-Dollar Call to Retrofit Buildings

The serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson brought to life an international need and business opportunity centered on thermally upgrading existing buildings, the world’s biggest users of energy. NYC’s Empire State Building was able to reduce its energy use by 40% thanks to a retrofit. Sir Richard founded the “Carbon War Room” based in Washington D.C. to unite international entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, policy experts, thinkers, to focus on solutions, not rhetoric, in efforts to tangibly combat climate change while creating 1000’s of “green” jobs.

13-Year-Old Getting Patent for “Efficient” Solar Power Panel Array

Now, I don’t know yet if this kid’s solar power panel arrays will beat out those of major competitors, but you have to give props to 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer no matter where they go.

Aidan, of Long Island and Northport Middle School, applied the Fibonacci sequence of some tree branches to some solar panel arrays “in a months-long backyard experiment” and found that they were more energy efficient than typical flat panel arrays, about 20% more.

In Winter exposure, they beat traditional solar panel arrays by 50%!