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PAC Fronts Formed In Nevada Net Metering Battle

Rooftop solar and distributed energy champions have advanced a ballot initiative to restore Nevada’s retail-rate net metering policy. However, they are facing legal challenges from a utility-backed PAC. Expect a vigorous courtroom battle. To the shock of many net metering proponents, earlier this February, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission voted not to grandfather existing … [continued]

Solar Net Metering Challenge In Maine

Maine solar stakeholders are petitioning to preserve net metering after proposed legislature threat. Add Maine solar system owners to the list of distributed energy champions concerned over legislative changes to existing net metering policies. A press announcement reports Maine solar installers, local and national businesses, environmental organizations, and the newly formed … [continued]

The Net Metering Disconnect

Net metering has become controversial in recent years and a rate hike for home solar owners in Nevada in December 2015 is the front lines of the brewing war. The Public Utilities Commission has created a new rate class for home solar, and it’s putting the distributed solar industry in … [continued]