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Bonn Meeting Revs Up World Climate Change Efforts

A ten-day meeting to hone the draft text of the Paris 2015 universal climate agreement has begun in Bonn, Germany. Presidents of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Lima COP20 (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the deft and diplomatic Environment Minister of Peru) and the upcoming Paris COP21 meetings (Laurent Fabius, who is … [continued]

Japan Signature Activates World’s Green Climate Fund

On Friday, climate change efforts across the world reached a very important milestone: the release of $5 billion to begin the work of the Green Climate Fund, which will become the main financial operator of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Initial climate financing disproportionately favored middle-income developed countries and … [continued]

Climate Change Now Among Top US Strategic Priorities

Ask almost anyone about the main national priorities of the US, and you’ll probably hear “democracy” and “continuing economic growth.” You might also hear “security concerns,” especially since the rise of terrorism after 9/11. But from now on you’ll hear a lot more about a fourth target. “Climate change.” Last … [continued]

First 28 Nations Commit Paris Climate Numbers

The European Union reprised its trendsetting role in world climate negotiations on Thursday by committing the first Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to the planned Paris climate agreement at the end of this year. Also on Thursday, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change issued the official “Paris Accord” negotiating text from … [continued]