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Monitoring How The Climate Is Changing Germany

Originally published on the ECOreport. We arrived at the Bavarian village of Iffeldorf the morning after the first snow, in late November, 2015. Dr. Uta Raeder, Co-Director of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) facility, greeted us in the parking lot. We huddled close, straining to catch her words before the wind … [continued]

Top Clean Tech Jobs Of The Week

The top clean tech jobs for this week include listings for a wind energy research analyst, an outside sales rep for a solar company, a hydropower project engineer, a solar program facilitator, and more. As part of our collaboration with other projects within the Important Media network, we’ve partnered with … [continued]

Solar News, Electric Car News, Wind News: Cleantech & Green News Roundup

Below are some great articles and interesting news from around the interwebs, to complement CleanTechnica‘s obsessive coverage. Enjoy. Highlight Article Almost Everything You Know About Climate Change Solutions Is Outdated, Part 1 Almost everything you know about climate change solutions is outdated, for several reasons. First, climate science and climate politics … [continued]

Business Renewables Center Cements Partnership With RE100

Originally published on RMI Outlet. By David Labrador The Business Renewables Center (BRC) is working together with RE100, led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, to accelerate the procurement of renewable energy by some of the world’s most influential companies. The partnership aims to increase renewable demand (buyers), … [continued]