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12,500 Solar Jobs Lost In The UK

A new survey has found that the number of jobs lost across the UK solar industry could be as much as 12,500, or around one-third of previous total employment. The figures stem from a new comprehensive survey from PWC and the UK Solar Trade Association which showed that the 238 … [continued]

#TSLA (Tesla Motors Inc.) Short Sellers: Mind the GAAP

This is a deep-dive followup to the recent article “Tesla Resale Value Guarantee Disappears.” While hopefully of general interest, this is of particular importance to investors in Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock. In summary: From Q3 2016 earnings, Tesla’s GAAP financials as reported via SEC filings, shareholders letters, earnings calls, and earnings reports … [continued]

What Did The Three Amigos Really Accomplish?

Originally published on the ECOreport. Future generations may look back on the agreement that Canada, the United States, and Mexico just signed as a significant milestone,  or maybe not. What did they really accomplish? President Obama told reporters,”We have an integrated economy already, the question is under what terms are … [continued]