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Iran Opens its First Solar Power Plant

December 29th, 2008 | by Andrew Williams

[social_buttons] Iran has announced the opening of its first ever solar power plant in the town of Shiraz in the [&hellip

New Community Solar Option In Colorado

June 5th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

There are different options for going solar, and they're all good ones. Some Coloradans just got one more option — community solar

Renault Lost €383 Million In 2019

March 1st, 2020 | by Maarten Vinkhuyzen

Renault published its 2019 results on Valentine’s Day. It is unlikely the company made its shareholders happy. The company lost €383 million in 2019. Thanks to a €242 million bonus from Nissan, only €141 million was charged to the shareholders

Saudi’s Aramco IPO Goes From Bad To Worse With New Middle East War Starting

January 4th, 2020 | by Paul Fosse

The Saudi government sold off a small 1.5% share of the largest oil company in the world (Aramco) about a month ago. Aramco has huge reserves and it has proven it can produce that oil at a low cost. This oil doesn't require risky deep sea platforms, fracking, or traveling to the Arctic circle to drill


Who Will Buy Oil, Gas, & Coal When We Are All Dead?

January 3rd, 2020 | by Steve Hanley

Burning fossil fuels is a negative sum game. The waste products are slowly killing us all. What to do? Start by controlling your own carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference.

Cleantech Entrepreneurs, Please Listen To Your Customers

November 14th, 2019 | by The Beam

Our work indicates that innovation for clean technology markets starts with a customer focus. The assumption that clean technologies are ready to come online if leaders set ambitious policy is too optimistic. While technologies may exist for a low carbon future, markets do not. Markets require both active buyers and sellers with adequate information. Grandiose goal-setting announcements do not create markets; it only distracts entrepreneurs from the job of creating and maintaining markets

The Fastest Growing Source of Global Emissions: Transport

November 4th, 2019 | by Cynthia Shahan

The multidimensional aspects of a situation are sometimes quite hard to grasp. Take a situation that involves one's health, one's transit, and commuting habits. How does travel, whether around the neighborhood, to the store, to visit family, or to commute to a job matter? It matters quite a bit in coexistence

Will The Forthcoming New Danish Climate Law Boost A Carbon Tax?

October 18th, 2019 | by Jesper Berggreen

In the beginning of September the newly elected Danish government, comprised of the parties Socialdemokratiet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti, and Enhedslisten, started its work on a new climate law. Denmark already has a climate law in place from the former Venstre led government, but it was not overly ambitious and not legally binding

Pump-jack mining crude oil with the sunset

Africa’s Oil Curse, the Example of Nigeria

October 11th, 2019 | by David Zarembka

CleanTechnica has been running a number of articles on little noted negative aspects of gas/diesel vehicles. These include hundreds of US deaths annually from carbon monoxide poisoning, oil refinery explosions, 137 US oil spills last year, what to do with old oil tankers, and the 150 gas/diesel car fires daily in the US. A common concept in Africa that is not noticed in the United States or other parts of the world is what in Africa is called “Africa’s Oil Curse.”

The Truth Around Oil

October 7th, 2019 | by Gerard Reid

There is a pretty simple truth about oil, and that is that there is lots out there, a fact that is not going to change going forward. In fact, quite the opposite. There is probably more upside to production, as well as downside on the demand side, meaning we will likely see low oil prices for the foreseeable future. The likelihood is that we will also see a race to the bottom in terms of the oil price as producers try to pump oil out of the ground and bring it to market as fast as possible. This in turn will lead to stranded assets as oil companies write down high-cost resources which have become too expensive to take out of the ground

Saudi Crown Prince Warns Of Threat To Global Oil Supply

September 30th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has told the BBC that if a war was to break out between Iran and Saudi Arabia, oil prices could rise up to "unimaginably high numbers." He says this is possible if the world doesn't try to deter Iran, and that more escalation will threaten the world's interests. "Oil supplies will be disrupted and oil prices will jump to unimaginably high numbers that we haven't seen in our lifetimes."

US EPA emissions

Tyrant Trump Terrorizes Car Company Execs With Emissions Rollback Threats

August 26th, 2019 | by Steve Hanley

The White House is pushing hard to keep car companies from signing on to the exhaust emissions agreement Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW have made with California. But despite the pressure, other companies are signalling they will sign the agreement as well.

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