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Image of right whale tangled in fishing gear retrieved from NOAA

Want Your Community To Take Action On Ambitious Climate Goals? Follow What Maine Does

I live in Florida, where the governor has banned speaking the words “climate change” — well, at least when it comes to governmental affairs. In reaction, a local meteorologist has vocalized his dismay. We on the ground know what’ll happen next to Steve MacLaughlin — he’ll be out on his … [continued]

The battery developed at ORNL, consisting of two electrodes in a saltwater solution, pulls atmospheric carbon dioxide into its electrochemical reaction and releases only valuable byproducts. Credit: Andy Sproles/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Carbon-Capture Batteries Developed To Store Renewable Energy, Help Climate

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing battery technologies to fight climate change in two ways, by expanding the use of renewable energy and capturing airborne carbon dioxide. This type of battery stores the renewable energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines. Utilizing this … [continued]

Photo courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory.

Intuit & REI Champion Climate Action Through Clearloop With New White Pine Solar Farm

2.8 MWDC solar project enables modernization of electric grid in rural East Tennessee, provides renewable energy for local schools, and supports educational opportunities for local students NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Clearloop, a Silicon Ranch company and leading provider of carbon solutions that accelerate decarbonization of the electric grid and expand renewable energy access … [continued]

Image courtesy of Zhe Feng, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The National Virtual Climate Laboratory is Your Guide to Climate Science

Thunderstorms in the American Midwest. Tiny particles in the cloud cover of the Amazon rainforest. Heat waves in Baltimore. What do these very different places have in common? They’re all areas where the Department of Energy Office of Science Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program is supporting climate research. You … [continued]

Photo of flooded Florida streets by Carolyn Fortuna | CleanTechnica.

Insurance Companies: Consider Climate Risk Events As “Constant Threats” — CleanTechnica Exclusive

In the US, climate risk events are occurring more frequently in places where development was once deemed safe but now is larger than initially anticipated. Insurance is one of the non-environmental systems that enables us to live our daily lives with the knowledge that our property is protected. Up until … [continued]

Image courtesy of Elemental Excelerator

Climate Tech Startups: Apply For Up To $3M In Funding From Elemental Excelerator

Elemental Excelerator is currently accepting applications from climate tech startups to become a part of its 13th cohort and receive up to $3 million in funding to scale up “climate solutions with deep community impact.” In addition to the funding, the organization will also provide the approved startups with “tailored, … [continued]