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Madrid Plans For Car-Free City Center

The center of the Spanish city of Madrid intends to become completely pedestrian oriented — car free — by 2020. The 2020 Mobility Plan comes with new legislation set for January that will enforce new policies to keep cars out of almost 500 acres in the core of the city as part of the long-term plan. … [continued]

BiciMad. Madrid Gets A (Crazy) Electric Bike Sharing Program

By Luis González Madrid’s bike sharing program finally debut this week, joining other metropolises, such as Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, and Vitoria, to advance the most sustainable and healthy transport system after walking. More interestingly, Madrid’s brand new bicycles are electric. The chosen name was initially controversial. BiciMad comes from bicicleta … [continued]

Image courtesy of Dongfeng

Dongfeng Accelerates European Progress with VOYAH FREE, VOYAH DREAM, & Luxury Electric Off-Road MHERO I

MADRID, Spain — Dongfeng Motor grandly held Dongfeng Brand Day in Madrid, Spain. The event was attended by Ma Lei, Managing Director of Dongfeng Motor Corporation International Business Department and China Dongfeng Motor Industry Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., along with the executive team of Spanish partner Salvador Caetano Group. … [continued]

ChatGPT & Dall-E generated panoramic image visually captures the metaphor of green hydrogen being akin to Champagne, highlighting their shared attributes of rarity and value.

Hype Taxi Using Massive European Grants To Pay For Champagne-Scale Hydrogen Costs

In the crazy world of hydrogen-for-transportation plays, some endeavors stand out. Ballard’s $1.3 billion in losses, $55 million a year, since 2000 with no profits ever is one. The $1.2 billion that California received as a hydrogen hub which is going to go down the drain because it’s being spent … [continued]