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EV Development in Chile 

While much of South America is having difficulty with the development of an electric vehicle market, Chile has made significant efforts to deploy EVs. While this has been primarily in the area of public transport, new legislation is expected to bring a significant rise to the level of electric passenger … [continued]

Photo provided by Jordan Butler, CleanLight.

CleanLight: Exciting Solar Startup in Chile

CleanLight is one of the most exciting clean energy startups in Chile. This renewable energy manufacturing company has used solar generators to power off-grid homes and brings renewable energy to industries such as construction and mining that have not benefited from the renewable transition. CleanLight was founded in 2019 by … [continued]

Roasting Green Chile with the Power of the Sun

Greener approach to a New Mexican staple opens possibilities for sustainable food roasting By Mollie Rappe Article courtesy of Sandia LabNews Every August and September the unmistakable pungent aroma of roasting green chile permeates the air across New Mexico and neighboring states. This delectable staple of regional cuisine is green in color, … [continued]