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Energy Efficiency Versus Renewables: The Great Green Debate

With the recent surge in money going towards renewable energy research and implementation, many people are forgetting a key factor in reducing our impact on the environment, energy efficiency. Focusing on retrofitting existing buildings with energy efficient upgrades first is key to combating climate change. It not only saves energy it improves the viability of renewable energy generation.

Highway 101 in California Goes Electric

The process of turning California’s Highway 101 into an electric roadway is beginning, and for a short period of time the charging stations that will be installed can be used for free. Beginning in October, Solarcity will be installing vehicle charging stations alogn Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los … [continued]

$3 Billion For Energy Efficiency in California

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved the largest energy efficiency program in U.S. history, authorizing $3.1 billion in consumer rebates and efficiency programs over the next three years. This brings the state a giant step closer to implementing AB32, according to Lara Ettenson, director of California Energy Efficiency Policy at the NRDC.

Ettenson told me that the funding comes from the part of the budget that California’s regulated utilities may use to invest in conventional electricity. This may include “negawatts” or energy efficiency measures, which is cheaper than building new plants and transmission.