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COP15 Draft Should Build Foundation for Progressive Improvement in Mitigation Measures

The Copenhagen Climate Conference would produce an internationally agreed climate change treaty which would be aimed at achieving significant global reduction in carbon emissions, feels the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Mr. Yvo De Boer expressed his positive views saying that there is still a lot … [continued]

Paul Hawken on Being a 'Doomer'

During yesterday’s Sustainable Industries Economic Forum, keynote speaker Paul Hawken suggested that it will take a somewhat monumental effort to get back to 350 ppm in our atmosphere (we’re at 387 right now). His list was daunting.  We’d need one new olympic sized pool of bioalgae fuel production every second … [continued]

Smart Plugs (TalkingPlugs) for Your Home

Zerofootprint has created a new “TalkingPlug” that will help you to better monitor the energy usage of different appliances and electronics. How? By making your electrical sockets smarter. Zerofootprint already helps corporations and governments in evaluating and reducing their carbon emissions through various methods. It also helps households through innovative … [continued]