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Economic Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

On a recent article about California’s carbon reduction progress, Kurt Lowder dropped the comment, “I am surprised that I have not read much about how California will benefit economically for switching to EVs.” Although I’m fond of using the following chart when writing or presenting about the benefits of electric vehicles, … [continued]

Intro To Carbon Pricing (Video)

Originally published on The Climate Reality Project. You’ve heard the phrase. Now learn the meaning. Carbon price: The price for avoided or released carbon dioxide (CO2) or CO2-equivalent emissions. This may refer to the rate of a carbon tax, or the price of emission permits. In many models that are … [continued]

This. Means. WAR.

It’s 5:43 am and I can’t sleep. The fire is mounting another assault. On August 7th, rumor has it that a (fossil fuel) off-road vehicle malfunction touched off the “Pilot” fire just north of our home. For a nerve-wracking week, the wind held the fire just two miles north of us until … [continued]

Monthly US Renewable Electricity Generation In 2016 Surpasses Previous Years

Originally published on EIA. Renewable electricity generation has surpassed levels from previous years in every month so far this year, based on data through June. Both hydroelectric and nonhydroelectric renewables have contributed to this trend, but in different ways. After a lengthy West Coast drought, hydro generation has increased and … [continued]