Africa Backing Hydropower

The quest for cleaner energy generation is one that is going to be a main focus for the next several decades. Without a doubt, humanity has finally realized that our insane overdependence on oil and other fossil fuels is, if nothing else, simply not healthy. It will eventually run out, … [continued]

Damage to Dams in China Leaves Millions at Risk

Many dams in Southwest China sustained significant damage after the recent massive earthquake. The Min River and its tributaries have 30 dams upstream from Dujiangyan and 16 incurred significant damage from the recent earthquake. The Zipingpu dam is an example where a dam failure could have disastrous consequences. Zipingpu dam … [continued]

Could Wind help Save Water?

Big news for the wind industry, big implications for water. First, the Department of Energy released a report that confirmed what the wind industry has already claimed: wind could power 20% of the United State’s energy needs by 2030. Even with growing energy demands, our ample wind resources could meet … [continued]