Climate Change

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a calcium silicate mine

Brimstone’s Cement Process Tries To Dodge Carbon Dioxide Through Costlier Rocks & Higher Heat

Several years ago I concluded that Cement’s CO2 Emissions Are Solved Technically, But Not Economically. Since then I’ve had numerous conversations with deep experts on the subject that made me realize that it wasn’t just cost, but regulations that held alternatives back. I’m digging through some of the current crop … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of an electrolysis cement plant of the future, powered by wind turbines

Electrochemistry Might Help Solve Cement’s Carbon Problem

One thread I’m pulling on across industrial solutions is the ability of electrochemical processes powered by green electricity to replace industrial processes powered by fossil fuels. Today someone handed me the end of a thread leading to Sublime Systems, a Massachusetts, USA, firm that’s using electrochemistry to make low-carbon cement. … [continued]

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EV Battery Swapping Will Have Some Big Niches But Mostly Won’t Be Used

Every time I publish anything on electric vehicles, the battery swapping fans come out of the woodwork. It’s remarkable that there is barely any battery swapping being done with electric vehicles today and yet some people think every EV of every scale will be treating the most expensive component as … [continued]

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Dirt Cheap Batteries Enable Megawatt-Scale Charging Without Big Grid Upgrades Right Away

Battery prices have continued to plummet, frankly faster than even battery optimists such as myself dreamed of. We’re seeing commercial, scaled, price points that we didn’t expect to see until 2030 or later. That has big implications for electric trucking. In 2022, a kilowatthour of battery capacity cost US$159. In … [continued]

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Last Mile Delivery Is Standardizing With Two Cubic Meter Roro Boxes For E-Cargo Trikes

In the past year I’ve been observing a trend that’s on at least a couple of continents. Delivery trikes now come without boxes of their own. The boxes are separate and they get packed in distribution centers with the intent of being delivered to a pickup point for an electric … [continued]

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Electric Trucks Are Already Lower Carbon Than Rail In Much Of North America

In 2010, I was consulting to Canadian National Railroad, at the time with the legendary Hunter Harrison as CEO. It was one of many times my decarbonization proposals bounced off of organizations, something that’s been inordinately useful in helping me understand how hardcore businesses view the space. At the time, … [continued]

The battery developed at ORNL, consisting of two electrodes in a saltwater solution, pulls atmospheric carbon dioxide into its electrochemical reaction and releases only valuable byproducts. Credit: Andy Sproles/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Carbon-Capture Batteries Developed To Store Renewable Energy, Help Climate

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing battery technologies to fight climate change in two ways, by expanding the use of renewable energy and capturing airborne carbon dioxide. This type of battery stores the renewable energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines. Utilizing this … [continued]

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Of Camels, Sponges, & Tesla’s Supercharging Team Firing

A great deal of digital ink has been spilled on Tesla laying off a lot of its Supercharger team recently. I’m not in the business of commenting on Tesla and Musk’s every twitch and tweet, so I don’t have fourteen hot takes already. But I have a hypothesis and it … [continued]