Energy Storage

Energy Storage.. Moving Along

Energy storage is a critical piece of the clean energy. While some think widespread adoption of EVs and smart grid technology are more important, energy storage is clearly going to play a bigger role in the future of our energy infrastructure. Here’s the intro to a great piece on energy … [continued]

Coal Plant + New Fuel Cell System = 90% Reduction in CO2 Emissions?

If successful, FuelCell Energy’s system will separate and capture 90% or more of the CO2 emitted from a coal-fired power plant’s flue stream. The CO2, along with hydrogen ‘reformed’ from natural gas, will be used to drive a fuel cell that produces clean electricity that will add to the plant’s energy output. Nitrogen oxides (NOX), another potent greenhouse gas, will also be captured, but destroyed in the process. Emissions from the fuel cell system: water.

Hydrogen Storage-Fuel Cell System to Smooth Out Intermittent Wind Power in Germany

Ontario’s Hydrogenics has won a contract from the German city of Herten to install a hydrogen production-storage-fuel cell system that the city will use to smooth out intermittent wind power generation. “Electrolyzing water into hydrogen using excess intermittent renewable energy is the optimal clean pathway to smart grid stabilization and energy storage capacity,” stated Hydrogenics’ CEO.

Double-Digit Growth in 3Q Clean Tech Investment Despite Economic, Political Headwinds

Clean tech investments rose 12% quarterly and 23% year-to-year in 3Q 2011, totaling $3.34 billion and 189 transactions. Slowing activity in major economies and the possibility of another breakdown in the global financial system hampered clean tech investment growth in 3Q, yet overall investment levels continued to exhibit strong growth, according to preliminary results of a Cleantech Group research report.