Energy Storage

China’s Rare Earth Monopoly

Rare earth minerals may be the most important factor in America’s transition to a low-carbon future – they’re essential to virtually every source of renewable energy we use today.

But China dominates global rare earth supplies and production, and their monopoly could corner the world economy. energyNOW! chief correspondent Tyler Suiters explores how U.S. dependence on China’s rare earths could affect our energy future and high-tech lifestyles.

Massive Battery System Captures The Wind

One of the biggest challenges facing wind energy is intermittency. Wind often blows strongest when power demand is lowest, and weakest when electricity is needed the most. Because today’s power grid needs electricity to be consumed the moment it’s generated, that means wind turbines send energy to the grid half as often as an average coal plant.

What if wind farms could store the power that isn’t needed right away and sell it later when demand is high? energyNOW! correspondent Patty Kim visited an energy storage system built alongside a wind farm in the heart of coal country.

Clean Energy Leaders Unite, Write Congress to Extend 1603 Tax Credit Grants

A coalition of clean energy economy leaders and stakeholders has sent Congress a letter urging them to extend the Treasury Section 1603 grant program through 2012. Enacted to sustain investment flows in the wake of the 2008 financial systems collapse and due to expire at year-end, the 1603 grant program has been central to the continued growth and development of clean energy across the US in all its forms in ensuing years.

America’s Energy Future a Battle Between Entrenched Utilities and Clean, Local Power

While Americans transition their electricity system to the 21st century, they should ask this question: Does it make sense to pursue strategies such as accelerating the development of new high-voltage power lines that reinforce an outdated paradigm of electricity delivery, or should scarce energy dollars be spent on adding new, clean, local energy to the grid in the most cost-effective manner? […]

New Cleantech Technology News (Say What?)

Aside from the cleantech project, cleantech policy, cleantech consumer product round-ups I’m in the midst of finishing, here’s a round-up of some of the latest news on new cleantech technology: 1. Wind Energy Forecasting Technology Saves Millions of Dollars a Year “The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has developed … [continued]