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Exclusive Interviews With Solar Impulse Co-Founders André Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard

Tremendous thanks to ABB for allowing me to publish the following videos, which are ABB-recorded videos of my interviews with Solar Impulse co-founders André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard. If you’re a regular reader and are into the Solar Impulse, you probably already watched my recording of my interview with Bertrand. However, you’ll … [continued]

TalkSolar Chats With Viridian Energy (Podcast)

Beth Bond had a chat with folks from Viridian Energy for the recent edition of CleanTechnica and TalkSolar‘s weekly podcast. Here’s the podcast: Discover Energy Internet Radio with Talk Solar on BlogTalkRadio   From Viridian Energy, via the TalkSolar page: Sustainability is not merely a word at Viridian: It is our … [continued]