Renewable Cities Highlights

As I mentioned yesterday, I think that Renewable Cities was the best conference I’ve ever attended. A huge reason for that was how practically oriented it was — there was a repeated emphasis on taking home for practical implementation lessons, information, and very specific suggestions from other forum participants. As just … [continued]

India Rolls Out EV Incentives

Originally published on EV Obsession. The government of India recently unveiled a new electric vehicle (EV) incentive program designed to spur consumer adoption of the technology, according to recent reports. The program — dubbed FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles) — will offer a variety of different incentives … [continued]

Cleantech Link Drop

Have some free time on your hands? Here you go, use it up: Tesla Tesla History — How Much Do You Know? (Video) SolarCity and Tesla Will Change The World 340+ Mile Tesla Roadster Upgrade Due Out In August After Driving a Tesla, Everyone Should Drive an ICE Tesla CEO Elon Musk Takes Japan’s … [continued]

Tesla Competitive Advantage, Tesla Home Storage, Largest Tesla Supercharger… (Clean Transport Link Drop)

Here’s some more electric vehicle (mostly Tesla) news and commentary from around the interwebs: Tesla Tesla’s Competitive Advantages — 5 Big Ones Tesla Model X Delivery Schedule On Target, Model 3 On Schedule Too Tesla’s Supercharger In Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Will Be Biggest In World Team Drives Tesla Cross Country In Record Time Tesla Model … [continued]