Bicycle Commuting Ameliorates Stress, Boosts Psychological Well-Being

An efficient solution to stress, balanced exercise or fulfilling physical work clears the static and nourishes body and mind. Stressed from work? Worried from local or world news? Consider that active commuting (particularly, bicycling to work) ameliorates stress and boosts psychological well-being, according to a UK study titled, “Does active commuting improve psychological wellbeing? Longitudinal … [continued]

Free-Wheeling Liberty Encouraged By The Federal Highway Administration

The Netherlands rouses many bicycle advocates (as well as those who love good mass transit and walking), with some of the world’s best-rated urban planning. Perhaps the USA is finally catching their drift. Americans will find more free-wheeling liberty encouraged by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with inclusion of protected bicycle lanes in the new FHWA “Separated … [continued]

Renewable Cities Highlights

As I mentioned yesterday, I think that Renewable Cities was the best conference I’ve ever attended. A huge reason for that was how practically oriented it was — there was a repeated emphasis on taking home for practical implementation lessons, information, and very specific suggestions from other forum participants. As just … [continued]