Electrifying Copenhagen, & Providing A Complete Transport Network (Video)

Originally published on Gas2. Following up on my intro for the “Electrifying Transport” panel at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada, his piece shares and summarizes the presentation given by Brian Hansen, Head of Department Citywide Strategies for the City of Copenhagen. While the panel was generally about the electrification of transportation, … [continued]

Copenhagen: The Ultimate Bicycle City

Originally published on (obtained via the ECOreport) Welcome to Copenhagen. Although, if you’re a fan of two-wheeled transportation, you’ll probably come to know it as bicycle heaven. Copenhagen is a city with more bikes than people, at a rate of 5 bikes to 4 people. Many cities in Europe have taken steps to make … [continued]

Tesla Autosteer & Snake Charger, Volt Batteries Set World Record, Etc. (Clean Transport Link Drop)

Here’s more Tesla, electric car, bike, and other clean transport news for you: Tesla Tesla Autosteer & Automatic Parallel Parking Almost Here Tesla Snake Charger Gets Real Thoughts About Tesla Warranty, CPO, Service, & Other Policies Observation Regarding Tesla Influence On Auto Marketing Throw Another Tesla Paradox Onto The Pile Bronze Tesla Model S Tesla Motors … [continued]

Tesla Model X Hauling Trailer, 2016 Chevy Volt Pics, Solarizing Greece, + More (Cleantech Link…

In need of some more solar, Tesla, EV, wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, and other cleantech news & commentary? Check out the stories below from around the internet. Solar Gas2 Exclusive Interview: SunEdison & NASCAR Launch Hi-Tech Solar Partnership SkyPower To Gift Two Million Home Solar Kits To Kenya Solarizing Greece Is A Way Out … [continued]

Powerful: Energy For Everyone (Film Review)

Green economy educator, spokesperson, and Ottawa councilman David Chernushenko takes his family and the viewer of Powerful: Energy for Everyone on a journey in this inspiring documentary. The documentary is styled as a lovely collection of vignettes on renewable systems. It examines exchanges with green pioneers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, eco-activists, investors, politicians, and … [continued]