Bicycles’s Vancouver

Originally published on the ECOreport is an incredible video gateway to the world’s sustainable transportation network. There are nearly 500 videos, made in North America, Europe and Asia, to entice people into the movement for livable streets. For my first tour around the site, I decided to explore’s … [continued]

Ariel Rider’s 3 New Electric Bike Models

Enjoying the impressive success of last year’s electric bike has spurred on Ariel Rider’s release of 3 new electric bike models. The only problem is how to decide which ebike to choose (first). The ebikes address just about every kind of rider’s daily needs. More from the recent announcement: Ariel Rider’s flagship … [continued]

#1 Kid Biking City In Nationwide Challenge

Originally posted on Bikocity. It is month #6 of an 8-month evaluation and inquiry set on naming the best U.S. city for “everyday biking.” This past month focused on choosing the “#1 kid biking city.” PeopleForBikes is defining “everyday biking” as “casual, utilitarian trips around town.” According to the official results, agreement (on the … [continued]

US Now Has Over 1,000 “Bicycle Friendly Businesses”

Originally published on Bikocity. Bicycling is enjoying a renaissance with high growth worldwide, and certainly notable growth in the US. Things have improved in the 21st century, with more than 1,050 visionary local businesses now included in the “Bicycle Friendly Businesses” program of the League of American Bicyclists. These top bicycle-friendly businesses are located in 47 states and … [continued]