Electric Vehicles

Car 2.0 Overview

Even though automotive executives initially deemed Better Place’s all-electric solution as “nothing more than a thought experiment,” Shai Agassi started by redesigning the all-electric vehicle or EV to prove them wrong and make it as good as any gasoline car today. This was done by developing a convenient system (because it is unacceptable to drive your car for an hour and charge for eight) that’s more affordable (not a forty thousand dollar sedan that would be impossible to finance today). This system uses technology that is feasible with current technology and economics. It is readily available to be scaled to mass in order for 99% of the population to drive it.

Machine Invents New Li-ion Battery

Wildcat Discovery Technologies, which is a startup company from San Diego, California, recently discovered a new, higher-capacity lithium-ion battery chemistry using a method known as high throughput screening. This could boost storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries (used in electric cars and portable electronic devices) by over 25% and extend the driving range of electric vehicles or make the vehicles cheaper.

Ordinary Pencil Offers Solution for Elusive Lithium-Air Battery

As their name suggests, lithium-air batteries are much lighter than their lithium-ion counterparts, giving them vast potential for use in electric vehicles and portable devices. There’s a big catch, though. Commercial development of rechargeable lithium-air batteries has stalled partly over the presence of moisture in air, which reacts violently with lithium. Now a team of scientists