Electric Vehicles

Munro Motor Reveals The Munro 2.0

The Chinese firm Munro Motor has revealed an interesting-looking new electric scooter dubbed the Munro 2.0 — capable of up to 30 miles of travel and starting at ~$800 in China. With 2 battery packs, the model features a range of up to 60 miles (reportedly). The most expensive configurations of the model will run ~$1,200.

Low-Speed EVs Are Driving High-Speed Urbanization In China

Despite the name, low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) aren’t actually that slow. With a top speed of 60km/h, they’re fast enough for getting around big and heavily congested cities. Most models are compact, resembling three-wheeled utility vehicles or golf buggies –a practical solution for the dire lack parking spaces that have become a significant problem as more and more people take up driving in China.

ChargePoint Delivers Fast Charger Of The Future At CES — ChargePoint Express Plus Family

At CES today, ChargePoint raised the bar for DC fast charging with not just one new charger but a paradigm shift in DC fast charging that redefines the entire product category. The ChargePoint Express Plus family revolutionizes DC fast charging by looking to the future and embracing the inevitable increases in charging speed demand with a modular design that allows hosts to upgrade as demand for faster charging speeds increases.