EV Charging

Driving a Solar-Powered EV (Interview)

  Somebody recently passed along the Clean Energy Resource Teams article below and suggested reposting it. Sounded like a great idea to me, so here it is: by Joel Haskard The new generation of electric vehicles (EVs) have recently been rolling out here in Minnesota. We caught up with early adopter … [continued]

Midwest Cities Planning for EVs

  The following guest post comes to us from Midwest Energy News. Enjoy! by Dan Haugen Independence, Missouri, is the kind of place where when someone buys an electric car it’s unusual enough that the local newspaper writes a story about it. Stan Adkins of Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet sold a second Chevy Volt … [continued]

Fully Networked WattStation and WattStation Connect Software Launched

  GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business has launched the WattStation and WattStation Connect this week at the SAE 2012 World Congress in Detroit. The comprehensive electric vehicle charging station and software platform has numerous features. For example, it: lets owners manage charging stations remotely, lets them manage and set customer pricing for EV charging, can … [continued]