Community Solar

Solar Hosting (Next Big Thing?)

  Solar hosting helps bring solar power to renters.   Solar power is a great investment for homeowners in most places. You can get a great return on investment (ROI) in most cases. However, some poeple don’t have the money or credit needed to pop a solar roof on their … [continued]

Community Solar Day (Reminder)

Just a reminder that today is “Community Solar Day” (or “Occupy Your Rooftop Day”). Even if you forgot about it, or didn’t plan to participate before now, you can still join in! Solar Mosaic, one of the organizers, has a very specific suggestion for how you can join in. It recommends … [continued]

Solar Mosaic Follow-Up

Following up on a popular post one week ago, on Solar Mosaic’s unique community solar program, we shot the folks there some more questions asking for more details on a few things. Aside from a response in the comments of that post, I received the following email from a Solar … [continued]

1st-of-Its-Kind Community Solar Project

Community solar programs and projects of various sorts are hugely loved here on CleanTechnica, but a new community solar program in California is a little bit different than anything I’ve seen before (and it might be completely unique). It’s essentially crowdfunding the investment dollars for solar projects on community centers. (Think … [continued]