ORNL and UT researchers created a new method to calculate the power grid’s inertia in real time, using signals from pumped storage hydropower facilities such as TVA’s Raccoon Mountain project, pictured here. Credit: Tennessee Valley Authority

New Method Monitors Grid Stability With Hydropower Project Signals

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, have developed an algorithm to predict electric grid … [continued]

The Ansel Adams Wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada mountains is likely to experience major effects from climate change. Depending on future greenhouse gas emissions, it could have low-to-no snow winters as soon as 35 to 60 years from now. Image courtesy of Alan Rhoades, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Energy Facts: Impact of the Investing in America Agenda on Nevada

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm visits Nevada On January 30, 2024 through January 31, 2024, Secretary Granholm will travel … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image depicting the river race with boats representing natural elements and energy sources. The renewable energy source boats are moving swiftly with the current, while the boat shaped like a nuclear reactor struggles against the natural flow.

Nuclear Continues To Lag Far Behind Renewables In China Deployments

Since 2014 I’ve been tracking the natural experiment in China regarding the ability to scale nuclear generation vs renewables. My … [continued]