The Strange Times Review

There’s a Bizarro World quality to this period in history. Anyone covering news in these Interesting Times cannot possibly chronicle all the news that really marks the journey as we careen into our unimaginably strange future. Add yours in comments, but here’s what I found: California regulators decreed that, by … [continued]

Almond Industry Goes Nuts for Solar Power

A leading California almond processor, the Minturn Nut Company, has completed the installation of a 403 kW solar power system on its main warehouse facility in Le Grand, California.  The system was designed and installed by Cenergy Power, a specialist in agricultural solar applications.  California supplies all – that’s right, … [continued]

McDonald's Going Green?

[social_buttons] In recent posts on Planetsave and EcoWorldy about moratoria on soya and cattle products related to Amazon destruction, it was mentioned that McDonald’s is helping to save the Amazon. With the company also delving into green building, progressive energy saving software, and charging stations for electric vehicles, is McDonald’s … [continued]