Author: Zachary Shahan

Cold Fusion E-Cat… Not

  A reader shared this piece recently and, while we don’t touch on the E-Cat or cold fusion that much here on CleanTechnica (it doesn’t really warrant the time), I know there are a lot of people out there sold on this fool’s gold ‘clean energy’ solution. So, I thought … [continued]

More Nuclear Power Plans Trashed

  After a spurt of nuclear news in the past week, we’ve got yet another story on the industry’s exit from the world energy stage — E.ON and RWE (German energy companies) announced yesterday that they are pulling out of a joint venture that would build a new nuclear power plant … [continued]

Enphase Energy Announces IPO Prices

  Enphase Energy, now a world leader in microinverter technology for the solar industry, announced pricing yesterday for its initial public offering (IPO) of 8,969,697 shares of common stock. The price was set at $6.00 per share. “All of the shares of common stock in the offering are being offered directly by … [continued]