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Image: Ford (Blue Oval Factory )

Navigating the EV Transition: 4 Emerging Impacts on Auto Manufacturing Jobs

As momentum for electric vehicles accelerates in the U.S., a skilled and trained auto manufacturing workforce will be necessary for a successful transition. Policies like the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have helped deliver more than $154 billion in investments into building electric vehicles and components. By 2035, EVs could … [continued]

Photo courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory.

Dual Harvest: Agrivoltaics Boost Food & Energy Production in Asia

Every autumn morning at an aquaculture site near the mouth of the Yellow River in China’s Dongying City, Shandong Province, farmers begin packaging shrimp for their customers. Their harvest is increasingly more bountiful thanks to an innovative way of farming that integrates renewable energy into agriculture. Here, solar photovoltaic (PV) … [continued]

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8 Things To Know About Electric School Bus Repowers

Repowering existing school buses with a new electric drivetrain shows promise to provide school bus operators with a lower cost and more sustainable vehicle compared to buying a brand-new electric school bus. An electric repower — sometimes referred to as an electric conversion or retrofit — involves the removal of a vehicle’s internal combustion … [continued]

Zero-Emission Zones Are Helping Some Cities Fight Pollution

With growing urban populations and increases in cars, trucks and buses, cities are poised to experience more harmful pollution threatening people’s health and livelihoods. But some cities around the world are turning to an emerging solution called zero-emission zones (ZEZs). These are designated small areas of about 1.5 square miles to 11 square miles … [continued]

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Solar-Powered Battery Swap Stations Could Speed Rwanda’s Shift to Electric “Motos”

Like many parts of Africa, motorcycles are the most popular form of transportation among Rwanda’s 13.3 million people. Whether they’re commuting to work or school, transporting jugs of water from the local taps, or just running everyday errands, people on “motos” can be found zipping up and down most busy … [continued]

A solar-powered water pump makes irrigation easier for Kenyan farmers, while allowing them to increase their incomes. Photo by Government of Makueni County, Kenya, Cropped Image

A New Solution to Power Africa: Productive Use of Renewable Energy

Access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa has improved tremendously over the last decade, reaching 49.4% of the population in 2022, up from 33% in 2010. Yet, while electricity access has grown, electricity consumption has not. While this would be considered a good thing in much of the world, for Africa, it is a discouraging indicator of … [continued]

Road closed due to flooding in Colusa County, California, following an atmospheric river storm that delivered heavy rain and snow across Northern California. Photo taken on January 12, 2023. (Image credit: California Department of Water Resources)

4 Climate Stories that Will Define 2024

Last year shattered global heat records. The world witnessed the effects of rising temperatures in the form of devastating wildfires, severe flooding, extreme heatwaves and more. Poor countries and communities who have contributed the least to causing the climate crisis are bearing the brunt of its accelerating impacts. The UN’s … [continued]

Sacramento City Unified School District uses solar panels to cover their bus fleet. Image by Sacramento City Unified School District, via SEIA.

Check Out This Dataset of U.S. School Bus Depots

This technical note, describes the methods used to create a dataset of school bus depot locations in the United States. There are nearly half a million school buses in the country but almost no public information about where they are kept. Environmental justice literature describes how school bus depots may … [continued]

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Public Transport for All: How to Unlock Climate & Development Benefits from Sustainable Mobility

Public transport provides a myriad of benefits that can help countries reach climate and development goals. There’s no better solution to moving large numbers of people efficiently, cheaply, and sustainably. Electric buses emit less than half as much carbon as fossil fuel-burning private cars per passenger per kilometer traveled. Quality … [continued]