Author: US Department of Energy

Solar Power System Guidance in Face of Extreme Weather, Tech Innovation, Rock-Bottom Prices

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have laid out a cost-effective five-point plan to improve the reliability of solar panels in light of extreme weather, rapid innovation, and extremely competitive prices. In a commentary piece published in the journal Nature, Dirk Jordan, Teresa Barnes, Nancy Haegel, and Ingrid Repins urge the … [continued]

Data-Informed Analysis Reveals Energy Impacts of Shared Micromobility

“While shared micromobility has only been in the limelight for a few years, its adoption is skyrocketing across the nation,” NREL Transportation Behavior Analyst Andrew Duvall said. “As we foray into the next decade of integrated, electric, and sustainable mobility, our research team set out to get a better understanding of the role that micromobility could play in the bigger energy and mobility picture.”