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Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Driving On Curvy Freeways (Videos)

May 16th, 2017 | by James Ayre

There are still some out there on the web complaining about how Tesla's Autopilot (semi-autonomous driving) features don't work as well in the newer Hardware 2.0 vehicles as they do/did in Hardware 1.0 vehicles. The general point being made is that, without Mobileye's tech — Hardware 2.0 vehicles are all Tesla, no Mobileye input — the company can't deliver

Denver’s Bike-Friendly Plans Seem To Be Panning Out

May 16th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Last summer, the city of Denver, Colorado, converted a lane of traffic on a busy street in its downtown area to a two-way bicycle lane. Considering that the street apparently handles around 32,000 vehicles a day, that conversion was reportedly not too popular with many of the drivers in the city

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid Project Officially Dead

May 14th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Most industry observers have already guessed as much, but it's still interesting to hear it straight from an exec's mouth, as that seemingly takes away all doubt. Yes, the Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) development project is officially dead

Temperature Increase To Exceed 1.5° Celsius “Barrier” By 2026–2031, Research Finds

May 14th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Global average temperatures could could cross a notable "barrier" in less than a decade. New research finds global average temperatures may rise 1.5° Celsius over pre-industrial temperatures by as early as 2026, if the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation has indeed now moved into a positive phase as is suspected. The new research comes from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science

Daimler Gives Up Plans To Sell 2017 Diesel Car Models In US

May 14th, 2017 | by James Ayre

As a result of a number of different factors, likely including the fact that US authorities are currently investigating the possible use of "defeat devices" in the company's diesel cars (defeat devices used to defraud regulators), Daimler has announced that it has dropped its plans to seek approval to sell 2017 Mercedes-Benz diesel models in the US, according to recent reports

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Advertising Approach Doesn’t Make Much Sense

May 14th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Toyota's approach to electrified vehicles has been a head scratcher for a long time now — the company was the industry leader with hybrid technology for a long time, but has seemingly been dragging its feet as much as possible since then ... with some "other issues" popping up along the way

Mexico’s Pemex Losing 27,000 Barrels Of Gasoline & Diesel A Day Due To Theft By Criminal Gangs

May 14th, 2017 | by James Ayre

That move by the government of Mexico to greatly reduce fuel subsidies was a necessity (more or less) owing to the rapidly declining rate of extraction at important state-owned oil fields, but it nonetheless proved to be the last straw for some in the country, who simply couldn't afford to continue purchasing "needed" quantities of fuel, and thus probably had to deal with transportation problems and employment problems that accompany a lack of reliable transportation

Volkswagen CEO: “Anything Tesla Can Do, We Can Surpass”

May 9th, 2017 | by James Ayre

The CEO of the Volkswagen brand, Herbert Diess, recently added to the company's growing anti-Tesla tradition with some interesting comments made at a press conference at the company's global headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany

Volkswagen Has Begun Selling Diesel Cars In The US Again

May 7th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Volkswagen AG reopened sales of its diesel car models in the US last month, almost 2 years after being banned from doing so by US authorities due to allegations of fraud. Notably, diesel models made up roughly 12% of Volkswagen AG's total sales in the US during April, according to the company — which means that the diesel emissions cheating scandal doesn't seem to have lessened demand for the company's diesel cars in the US too much

German Diesel Car Sales Dropped 19% In April

May 7th, 2017 | by James Ayre

Presumably as a result of all of the talk in recent months of implementing diesel car bans (in some cities), sales of new diesel cars in Germany fell by around 19% in April, according to the country's federal vehicle authority

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