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New Volkswagen ID.4 owner touching up the EV. Image courtesy of Ruby Lynn.

Volkswagen Plans $35,000 EV For America, Lack Of Motors Slows Production In Germany

There has been a lot of chatter online recently about how the EV revolution is coming to a premature conclusion. In September, Volkswagen cut production of its electric cars after the German government phased out EV subsidies for business cars, which led to a decrease in demand. But Reinhard Fischer, … [continued]

Image courtesy of Scout Motors

Scout Chooses South Carolina For New Factory

Scout Motors is an independent US company backed by Volkswagen Group whose board of directors includes Dr. Gernot Doellner, the head of group strategy at Volkswagen AG, and Peter Bosch, the member of the Bentley Motors board responsible for manufacturing. Its CEO is Scott Keogh, formerly head of Volkswagen of … [continued]

Image provided courtesy of Volkswagen

Can Invoking Nostalgia Attract More Consumers To Electric Vehicles?

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced residual mental health effects: people experienced a high level of isolation and anxiety, which continues to deteriorate their overall sense of well-being. Powerlessness has become a common experience in everyday life, and in reaction to an unpredictable future, people are embracing nostalgia. Whether it is … [continued]